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Little Paws, Big Roars

What Power Does One Little Cub Have? Book + BONUS 20 Stickers

What Power Does One Little Cub Have? Book + BONUS 20 Stickers

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** Discover the magic with your child in "What Power Does One Little Cub Have?"**

This captivating book, filled with empowering narratives and inspiring themes, is a treasure for children. With insightful messages of self-confidence, kindness, and cooperation, the book is a wonderful tool to help kids understand their potential and the strength of unity.

Authored by Tammy Louise, a former corporate leader who is now focused on mental health and inclusivity, the book promotes the belief that every child is unique and can bring about positive change. It teaches that kindness should always be our common language, regardless of differences.

Unleash the power of inspiration and empower your little ones with the confidence to achieve their dreams. Give them the gift of a lifetime – the belief that one little cub can change the world. 


Author's Bio: 

Tammy Louise is a former corporate leader, now creating her own magic and community with and for parents and families based on her lessons learnt when becoming a mum during the pandemic. She has experienced challenges returning to the corporate fold and has developed a desire to change the narrative. 

Understanding community and family have never been so important, highlighted by the extensive periods of time spent apart over the last few years. Tammy is creating a social enterprise for changes around mental health, postnatal anxiety and depression, and workplace reform for new parents. She is a life coach and previously a scientist, so a big believer in leading the way by challenging her own tribe to be the best version of themselves.

As a natural extension of Tammy’s desire to create a community, she believes that including our children at any age in the lessons we’ve learnt and the conversations around kindness, inclusivity and being better together are the lessons they will take forward as they grow to be the leaders of tomorrow, with kindness in their heart.

These stories are for them. 

Imprint/Publisher: The Big Smoke Media Group

Format: Paperback 26 pages

Published: 2023

ISBN: 979-8-88955-267-3

ISBN EBOOK:  979-8-88955-264-2

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