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Thank you for purchasing this product (Product) from Unlimited NOW Network Pty Ltd ACN 654 041 433 (we, our or us). In purchasing your Product(s), you acknowledge and agree

(a) no warranty is offered by us for this Product. It is your responsibility to determine if the Product is reliable or suitable for use and we do not guarantee any improvement in your mental health or wellbeing as a result of purchasing and/ or using this Product or any of our range of Products;

(b) where the Product aims to promote skills and information that assists in promoting or maintaining wellness and mental health, this information is general educational information only and is not intended to be relied on or to replace professional health or medical advice. We recommend you consult a medical professional in the event you require health or medical advice, including for any psychological or mental health issues. All information provided in our Products are subject to continuing research, clinical experience and reasonable differences in opinions among authorities, and may be updated at any time;

(c) where you have purchased anxiety affirmation bracelets, you acknowledge that it is the sensory or fidget properties of these bracelets which may help with the effects of anxiety (such as by removing your focus from your anxiety or stress) and there is no scientific evidence that there are properties within the crystals themselves which can help or heal anxiety. As each person is different and individual circumstances are at play, we do not guarantee these bracelets will be effective in helping you manage your anxiety or stress; and

(d) to the maximum extent permitted by law, we are not responsible for and assume no liability for any loss, damage, expense or liability suffered by you or any other third party resulting from your purchase and/ or use of the Product; and

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