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Little Paws, Big Roars

Little Paws, Pawfect Affirmations - 12 Colour Pencils

Little Paws, Pawfect Affirmations - 12 Colour Pencils

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Introducing "Little Paws, Pawfect Affirmations - 12 Colour Pencils," a set of premium pencils that will ignite your inner artist and inspire your cub or the little cub within you. Each pencil features a dipped end and a unique affirmation printed in gold-coloured ink, adding a touch of elegance to your artistic journey.

These vibrant coloured pencils are more than just tools for artistic expression; they serve as affirmations of your incredible awesomeness. Let each stroke of these pencils remind you of your strengths and empower you to create amazing wonders. Embrace your creativity, showcase your talents, and spread joy through your artwork. As you unleash your creative superpowers, you will inspire others to believe in endless possibilities and embrace their own creativity.

Packaged in a convenient tray and box, this packaging makes it easy to keep these pencils in pristine condition and provides convenient on-the-go storage, so that your pencils can travel with you for endless creative inspiration. The white body of the pencil provides a clean and sleek look that will inspire creativity from the moment you pick them up.

Little Paws, Big Roars believes in the power of embracing uniqueness, cultivating confidence, and celebrating diversity. With the Pawfect Affirmations - 12 Colour Pencils, we aim to inspire a global movement where cubs fearlessly roar, aligned with the values of inclusion, equality, and kindness.

Each pencil in this set is imprinted with a unique affirmation in gold-coloured ink, including "I am ME", "I am Confident", "I am Brave", "I am Powerful," "I am Amazing", "I am Loved", "I am Enough", "I am Honest", "I am Focused", "I am Kind", "I am Creative" and "I am Strong."

Let these affirmations guide your artistic journey and remind you of your inner strength and unique qualities.

Order the "Little Paws, Pawfect Affirmations - 12 Colour Pencils" now and embark on a colourful adventure of self-expression and empowerment. Let these pencils ignite your creativity and affirm your awesomeness as you bring your artwork to life.

Warning: Choking hazard and sharp tips of pencils. Not suitable for children under 3.
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