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Little Paws, Big Roars

Kids Teamwork, Individuality, and Self Confidence Book Bundle

Kids Teamwork, Individuality, and Self Confidence Book Bundle

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This bundle is the pawfect gift for sparking meaningful conversations at home and in the classroom. Save big and inspire a brighter future. Order now!

What Power Does One Little Cub Have? This captivating book, filled with empowering narratives and insightful messages of self-confidence, kindness, and cooperation, the book is a wonderful tool to help kids understand their potential and the strength of unity.

Why is it Better For Cubs to Work Together? This engaging children's book beautifully articulates the power of teamwork, cooperation, and shared goals.

Why do Unique Cubs Help us All? This inspiring kids' book, filled with empowering narratives, teaches children to embrace their individuality and to value the unique attributes of others.

Bundle and Save $6.97, PLUS get 62 BONUS stickers valued at $16.97 when you purchase the three Little Paws, Big Roars- Series One books together! 

 This bundle is valued at over $75 and available to purchase for only $53. 

Book purchases through Amazon do not come with the BONUS and exclusive stickers. 

Get your book bundle today!

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Customer Reviews

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We have bought the kids a couple of sets, including the books.
So much positive goes into all of the Little Paws, Big Roars, I can tell!
There is so many games and activities to keep your "cubs" little ones (even older ones) from having "nothing to do or (I'm bored) so much to do! And the Mega bonus is that everything has been created to teach their young minds how to be positive, know they are unique and special and Berry importantly to be kind to each other. Some of the activities are so clever even I thought they benefit me as an adult!
Thank you Little Paws, Big Roars for these incredible items, so incredible! I highly recommend! :)