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Little Paws, Big Roars

Little Paws, Big Emotions: Feelings and Emotions Puzzles-36 Piece Puzzle Set

Little Paws, Big Emotions: Feelings and Emotions Puzzles-36 Piece Puzzle Set

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**Introducing 'Little Paws, Big Emotions - Puzzle':**

Step into the enchanting realm of emotions with our 36-piece puzzle set, thoughtfully crafted to resonate with kids, adults, classrooms, and teachers alike. Embark on a journey through the intricate tapestry of human feelings and emotional intelligence, offering tools and strategies that are otherwise hard to come by.

**An Immersive Emotional Voyage:**
Prepare for an immersive experience as you and your loved ones embark on this adventure. Assemble 18 unique puzzles, each offering a glimpse into the world of emotions, accompanied by 12 thought-provoking reflection prompts. This interactive puzzle set provides an enjoyable and educational way to explore emotions, all while enhancing cognitive skills and nurturing emotional development.

**A Diverse Emotional Landscape:**
The images in this puzzle set are carefully categorised into three sections, showcasing a wide spectrum of feelings and emotions. Don't be deceived by the initial simplicity of the 3-piece puzzles; this set offers layers of depth to explore. Dive in to uncover surprising connections and broaden your understanding and awareness of emotions.

**An Invaluable Resource for Parents, Carers, and Teachers:**
Recognising the pivotal role that parents, carers, guardians, and educators play in a child's emotional development, we invite you to accompany your little ones on this emotional journey. Piece together adorable cub friends to unveil a range of feelings and emotions, and engage in meaningful discussions using the provided reflection questions.

**Designed with Young Ones in Mind:**
Our puzzle set is meticulously packaged in a carefully designed box, featuring convenient cut-outs in the lid, enabling young ones to explore their emotional intelligence with ease. These puzzles deliver hours of enjoyment while helping enhance emotional intelligence, self-reflection, and emotional regulation.

**Nurturing Emotional Growth and Resilience:**
Engaging with our puzzle set equips both children and adults with a deeper understanding of emotions. Learn to recognise and express feelings in a healthy manner. This puzzle set provides a safe and supportive environment for you and your little ones to explore and process emotions, ultimately nurturing emotional growth and resilience.

**Gift Your Child Valuable Tools:**
Gift your child with tools and strategies that could have supported you as a young cub. Equip them to face life's challenges with confidence and empathy.

**Quality Time for Busy Parents and Carers:**
This carefully created tool is ideal for busy parents and carers, offering precious quality time during those limited moments we have to connect and grow together.

**Unlock the Enchantment of Emotions:**
Set off on this exciting journey to uncover the intricate tapestry of human emotions while savouring the satisfaction of assembling these captivating puzzles together.

**Cultivate a Deeper Understanding:**
Let's unlock the enchantment of emotions and cultivate a deeper understanding of ourselves and each other. Place your order now and provide your child, classroom, or loved ones with invaluable tools and strategies that will last a lifetime.

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Must have for your therapy room

Love this resource! I use this with clients in therapy sessions to improve their emotion literacy skills. It is an engaging tool particularly for young kids.