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Kick Fear in the Butt

Little Butt Kicking Cards-50pk

Little Butt Kicking Cards-50pk

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Introducing the "Little Butt Kickings" 50pk, a deck of cards created with love and some hard truths. If you're ready to break free from self-imposed limitations and unleash your inner roar, this deck will give you the gentle yet metaphorical kick you need to propel you forward.

These cards are not for the faint of heart. Instead of providing gentle and nurturing affirmations, they are designed to activate you and challenge your conditioning and fears. As powerful beings, it's time to push past the barriers holding you back from creating the life you desire and deserve.

Please note that this deck is not designed to give you warm and fuzzy feelings. Some cards may trigger you, evoke anger, or even make you laugh. But above all, they serve as perfectly imperfect tools to open up a world of possibilities that awaits you. You are limitless, and the time is now to claim the life you desire.

"Little Butt Kickings" is a deck designed for late teens and adults. It is not suitable for children. Prepare to be jolted forward and embrace the power within you. Are you ready to unleash your inner roar and take charge of your life?

Purchase your "Little Butt Kickings" 50pk now and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth. Get ready to challenge your limits, overcome fears, and step into a future filled with endless possibilities.

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Warning: This deck contains content that may trigger emotional responses. Use with discretion and care.
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