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Little Paws, Big Roars

Little Paws, Big Roars- I am AWESOME 35 Piece Tray Puzzle

Little Paws, Big Roars- I am AWESOME 35 Piece Tray Puzzle

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Introducing the "Little Paws, Big Roars - I am AWESOME 35 Piece Tray Puzzle," a super cute affirmation puzzle that celebrates your cub's awesomeness. Watch as your little one discovers hidden items and brings this puzzle to life, all while feeling empowered and inspired.

With the adorable image of one of their cub friends on a rocketship, this puzzle serves as a reminder of just how AWESOME your cub is. The unique shapes of the puzzle pieces add an extra level of excitement and challenge, keeping your cub engaged and entertained.

Bond with your cub as you assemble this tray puzzle together. The puzzle comes with a tray that provides guidance on where the pieces align, making it easier for little hands to complete. The puzzle comes shrink-wrapped using plastics recyclable, ensuring that you receive it neatly assembled.

Please note that this puzzle is not suitable for independent use by those under 3 years of age. Supervision is required during playtime.

Enjoy the fun and mental stimulation that comes with piecing together each puzzle piece. Celebrate the uniqueness of your cub and embrace what sets them apart. Whether you are a parent, carer, guardian, or teacher, this puzzle is perfect for use at home or in the classroom, making it an ideal addition to your cub's learning and playtime activities.

Experience the joy of the "Little Paws, Big Roars - I am AWESOME 35 Piece Tray Puzzle" and make it a special gift for your cub. Purchase now and embark on a puzzle adventure that celebrates their awesomeness, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Please note that this puzzle does not come with additional packaging for storage. We recommend stacking the assembled puzzles flat or placing the loose puzzle pieces in a zip lock bag to keep them together.
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