Meet the Founder

Tammy Louise

Since 2021, she has been an Ambassador for the Australia and New Zealand Mental Health Association (ANZMHA) as a Lived Experience Advocate in the mental health space. Additionally, as a Gidget Angel for the Gidget Foundation, she shares her journey with PNDA to support parents experiencing Postnatal Depression and Anxiety across Australia.

As a trained scientist of over 20 years, holistic counsellor in training, Life Coach, Quantum Human Design Practitioner, Quantum Alignment System Practitioner, Trauma-Informed Coach, and former corporate leader specialising in driving cultural change within organisations and teams, she brings her scientific background and life experience to the products and services of Unlimited NOW Network.

Tammy is passionate about using her life experience of childhood trauma, domestic violence survival, workplace bullying, and being a Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Warrior to bring about positive change. She strongly believes in alchemising these challenges to bring meaning and purpose to her life, allowing her to support communities with empathy, compassion, and a deep level of understanding.

After leaving the corporate world, Tammy now runs the social enterprise she founded, Unlimited NOW Network, which consolidates all her brands under one umbrella.